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RANKING. NBA: Here Are The 3 Richest Players Of All Time

1. Michael Jordan.

With a net worth of about $ 1 billion, michael jordan net worth is the richest NBA player of all time. After being drafted by the Chicago Bulls in his first year of college, michael jordan net worth continued to lead the Bulls at the top, with six national championships won. He has been named MVP five times and has also been MVP three times in All-Star. At age 51, despite his retirement, Michael Jordan earns millions more every year, thanks to his investments

Earvin “Magic” Johnson currently has an estimated net worth of $ 500 million, making him the runner-up to michael jordan net worth in the rankings of the richest NBA players of all time. He got the familiar nickname “Magic” in a high school game where he scored. 36 points, 16 assists and 16 rebounds. Since retiring from the Los Angeles Lakers in 1991, Magic Johnson has continued to make millions out of his own corporate investments. He now owns several Starbucks franchises, several movie theaters and has real estate.


2. LeBron James.

lebron-streetz945No doubt he is the most famous NBA player who has not yet retired. LeBron James has an estimated value of $ 270 million. Because he still has many years in the NBA, he is likely to climb again in the list of the richest NBA players of all time. He earns nearly $ 53 million each year. He received four MVP awards and led the Miami Heat to win two national championships that earned him the MVP awards of the finals.

3. Kobe Bryant.

Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Foundation Fundraiser Family on April 22, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Eric Charbonneau / The Studio)

Awarded 190,372 dollars.

A jersey of the US team worn by Michael Jordan at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles was awarded 273.904 dollars (244.606 euros) Thursday at an online auction, according to the auction house Gray Chanel Auctions.

Jordan wore the red shirt stamped with the USA logo and number 9 at the Los Angeles Olympic Games tournament that the US team dominated with eight wins.

According to Gray Channel Auctions, this would be the largest selling price for a basketball jersey, exceeding the $ 190,414 spent in 2011 to buy a jersey from the legendary Julius Irving.

Two weeks ago, a pair of sneakers worn by Jordan in the final of the same OJ-1984, was awarded 190,372 dollars. They wore the signature of the future six-time NBA champion who had offered them after the match to a balloon picker.

The record for a sports jersey was set in 2012 with $ 4.4 million for the New York Yankees worn in 1920 by legendary baseball player Babe Ruth.

Kobe Bryant, 36, is still in the league with LeBron James. Its net worth is $ 270 million. He is currently one of the highest paid NBA players. He spent his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers and won five national championships with this team.

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4. Shaquile O’Neal.

Shaquille O’Neal”Shaq” has a net worth of $ 350 million, despite his retirement from the NBA. Every year, he earns millions of dollars in various sectors, television commercials, movies, and so on. Shaq started his NBA career with Orlando Magic, then signed what was the biggest contract in NBA history. He joined the Los Angeles Lakers where he won over 7 years: $ 120 million. He retired from the NBA in 2011

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