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Always Resentful Friend Michael Jordan Net Worth

Considered by many players and many observers as the best basketball player in history, he is an inspiration to many current players in the NBA, as for example the stars of the moment that are LeBron James and Dwayne Wade. michael jordan net worth.

Complete player, his ability to jump higher and longer than his opponents has always marked the minds and those of the younger generations in particular who continue to see in him the best ” slam dunker ” in history.

The so-called “Airness” has also greatly contributed to popularize the NBA outside the United States in general and in Europe particularly. In the ’80s and’ 90s, he was part of the generation of players put forward by TV shows (“Give Me Five”) and video games (he notably covered, at age 41, the game NBA2k11, the opus the best-selling franchise) that allow young Europeans to truly discover the NBA.

michael jordan net worth star image has also been able to develop through many forms, including many advertising contracts : in addition to major brands like Gatorade, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola or Chevrolet, Jordan is developing its own line of sports shoes for the Nike brand: ” Air Jordan “, which, in the wake of the resounding success of its sales, is becoming a brand in its own right. michael jordan net worth.

According to the Forbes economic magazine , michael jordan net worth has accumulated close to $ 50 million annually in advertising revenue during his playing career, and even more so in the first years after his retirement. His shoe brand “Jordan Brand” represents 70% of the sports shoe market in the US and his personal fortune is estimated in 2016 to more than $ 1 billion .Star among the stars, he is also the star at the cinema in 1996 of the blockbuster Warner “Space Jam” alongside the Looney Tunes and some other NBA players. He appears in the music video “Jam” Michael Jackson at the special request of the singer to whom, in return, he learns to play basketball. michael jordan net worth He is finally the subject of numerous documentaries and retrospectives on his career in particular and American basketball in general. Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

  • michael jordan net worth , basket-ball
  • Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images
  • Michael Jordan, basketball
  • Estimated net worth: $ 1.1 billion
  • Olympic Games:
  • Los Angeles, 1984
  • Barcelona, 1994

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After Michael Jordan’s retirement, the NBA saw the “new michael jordan net worth . Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady and others have received this nickname that is hard to wear.But for “His Airness”, only Kobe Bryant really deserves it.

It is Roland Lazenby, probably the best current author of books on basketball, who confided on his Twitter account . Great friend of the inventor of the triangle attack, Tex Winter, he has dragged a lot behind the scenes of the Lakers. michael jordan net worth

“The ultimate challenge for Kobe is Michael Jordan,” he explains.  was watching him. MJ suggested that was inhuman. Same for Kobe Faced with the reactions of the fans, who accused him of deicide, he clarified his words. told me that he was the only one who had done enough to deserve the comparison.

2. Michael Jordan: “Derrick Rose is my MVP

In the front row last night to see the Bulls, Michael Jordan then answered questions about his successor in the hearts of Chicago fans, a certain Derrick Rose.

For his Highness, the Chicago leader is not one of the best players in the league, he is simply THE best this season.He’s the MVP of the season,” says the boss of the Bobcats. He deserves it. He plays really well. He really deserves it, and there is no doubt about it. And if he does not have it, he will be able to feel what I have lived for years


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