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Michael Jordan Net Worth – The Best NBA Player Of All Time

Michael Jordan Net Worth remains a unique character in the NBA universe: besides his incredible track record and outstanding stats, his image and impact have made him the best player of all time.While blowing his 54 candles today, the popularity of Michael  jordan net worth seems intact in the NBA universe. The former Chicago Bulls and current owner of the Charlotte Hornets franchise remains to this day the greatest American basketball player of all time, no offense to “King” James or Wilt Chamberlain and many others. Explanations. michael jordan net worth is first and foremost a gigantic track record that makes him the most successful player of all time:

  • six-time NBA champion,
  • five times named MVP of the regular season (only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, with six awards, did better),
  • six MVP Finals NBA,
  • named Rookie of the Year in 1985,
  • named Defensive of the Year in 1988,
  • eleven times selected in the All-NBA First Team,
  • nine times selected in the All-Defensive First Team,
  • fourteen times selected for the All-Star Game,
  • double Olympic champion. michael jordan net worth
  • 2 – Stats to drool the younger generation

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1. “MJ” also has an outstanding career stats line.

He still holds to date some of the most famous records in the league: best scorer in career (average of 30.7 points per game), the greatest number of seasons at the top of the ranking of the best scorers (10 seasons, including 7 consecutive matches between 1986 and 1993), with more matches having scored more than 30 points (562 matches), with more consecutive games having scored at least 10 points (866 matches).

With 32,292 points in career, he is also the 4th scorer in history, the best in play-off (5,987 points).

In the history of the NBA, only Wilt Chamberlain can boast of presenting such impressive career stats.

2. Best player of the two best teams in history”

President Barack Obama’s award of his freedom medal on November 22, 2016, described him as “best player in the two best teams in history”, referring to the 1992 Dream Team and the Bulls of 1996 .

Olympic champion twice, he leads after the title won in 1984 the American selection to the coronation became mythical in Barcelona in 1992 . Often abandoned by the biggest names in the NBA, the “Team USA” this year lined the one that many observers call the best basketball team of all time . Nicknamed the “Dream Team”, in addition to michael jordan net worth who was the leader, there were Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson or Karl Malone.In Chicago, Jordan arrives in 1984 as the 3rd pick of the Draft (behind Hakeem Olajuwon, taken by Houston, and Sam Bowie, who takes the direction of Portland). It quickly becomes unavoidable and the franchise decides to build the team around its new nugget. With the arrival of Phil Jackson and his attack in triangle, the Bulls reverse everything in their path and offer themselves a first treble in 1991, 1992 and 1993. Jordan then decides to stop his basketball career, very touched by the death of his father. But he returns a few years later to lead Chicago to a second historical treble (1996, 1997, 1998).

The title of 1996 also allows Jordan and the Pippen or Rodman who make up the team to hold, until last year, the record NBA in regular season of 72 victories (for 10 losses). michael jordan net worth

3. Largest US athlete of the century.

In 1999, the ESPN television network named him the best North American athlete of the twentieth century . In this honorary ranking, he leads Babe Ruth and Mohamed Ali. Associated Press refers to him as the 2nd best athlete of the century (behind Babe Ruth). michael jordan net worth

It also has another record surprising since it is the most often sports present in an American sports magazine Sports Illustrated : 49 times michael jordan net worth

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