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As A Child, He Admired Magic Johnson Above Michael Jordan Net Worth

All else, and was inspired, until the obsession, by Michael Jordan Net Worth : Kobe Bryant Net Worth, who will put an end to his career next spring, has become one of his own. Legends of the National Basketball Association (NBA). When he bids farewell at the Staples Center on April 13, 2016, leaving five NBA titles, more than 1,280 games played, 32,600 points scored and a slew of records, Bryant may remember as a child believed ” the shame of the family “.

Not easy to be a “son of” and to make a place for yourself, even in a team from a Philadelphia-less high school. His father, Joe Bryant, played eight seasons in the NBA between 1975 and 1983, before making his living in the Italian Championship.

From his eight years in Italy, Bryant Junior has kept an immoderate love for football, a solid command of Italian, as well as technical fundamentals and tactical fundamentals of basketball rare in the American players, deemed more physical, who will lead him at the highest.

But on his return to the United States in 1992, the slender teenager, wearing the jersey of his idol Magic Johnson, struggles to play even a few minutes per game in the team of Lower Merion High School.


Four years later, he became the star of his team, of his city and is presented as the best high school student in the United States.

Rather than join one of the prestigious universities woo, Bryant jumps directly away from the NBA Draft in 1996 he was selected 13 th position to 17 by Charlotte, who soon gives way to the Lakers.

The NBA and the basketball world are now in full “Jordan-mania michael jordan net worth”: the star of the Chicago Bulls has for some years replaced Magic Jonhson in the personal Pantheon of Bryant.

He dissects his matches, adopts his mimicry and is inspired by his aerial and physical game.

His obsession with Michael was obvious, ” even assured Phil Jackson, the coach who won six titles with Jordan in Chicago, then five with Bryant at the top of the Lakers.

While Jordan is living the last years of his reign which will end in 1998 – before returning for two seasons in Washington between 2001 and 2003, Bryant begins to make a name for himself and presents himself, by his spectacular style, his confidence, even his insolence, as his natural successor.

Jackson organized a meeting between the two players in 1999 hoping that Bryant, a wild and sometimes uncontrollable wisp, was inspired by the wisdom and altruism of Jordan, now retired.

“The first thing he said to her was, ‘If we do a’ one on one ‘, I’ll kick your ass, ” Jackson said in his autobiography.


The Kobe Bryant Era is about to start: in combination with Shaquille O’Neal, he dominates the NBA for three consecutive seasons, from 2000 to 2002. michael jordan net worth Bryant is an unparalleled workhorse: long shooting sessions, until late evening, after official training, analysis of the writings of American and European coaches, and extended physical preparation sessions.

It is said monomaniac, which is worth to him to get muddled with some teammates including O’Neal who prefers to leave in 2004 in Miami. michael jordan net worth

Becoming the best-known and best-paid basketball player on the planet, Bryant writes his legend with his 81 points scored in 2006 against Toronto, two other NBA awards, in 2009 and 2010, two Olympic titles or his 17 stakes in the All Star Game.

But his end of reign is painful, with repeated serious injuries, Lakers in full rout and personal statistics at half mast. michael jordan net worth

Thursday finally, he made the decision that his most unconditional supporters hoped so much, not to have to keep a bad memory. ” This season is all I have to give, ” he admits, finally.

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